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Field appearance under certain conditions and line change – FastReport

Example of field appearance with line change under certain conditions in FastReport.

Also we can put  basic  html commands by activating it in TfrxMemoView and set AllowHTMLTags=true

Opencart SSL & SEO issue fix

There is an Opencart issue because base href tag is not properly setup when using SSL and static assets are loaded with the wrong path. To fix this, edit catalog/controller/common/header.php and replace


After you make this change, refresh Opencart modifications, clear vqmod’s cache (if you have vqmod installed) and your issue […]

Assign OnKeyDown event on TAdvDBFormPanel (Delphi)

This is an easy way to assign onkeydown event in all edit controls created by TAdvDBFormPanel:


Opencart 2.2 redirect issue

If you want to redirect your old site pages to new opencart 2.x,  add the following code to the end of .htaccess: (the example is from virtuemart to opencart 2.2)

.htaccess error: Option All not allowed here

If you get a white page and in logs: “Option All not allowed here” replace in .htaccess


Error pagination page={page} in SEO (Opencart)

A simple solution to fix this issue is to make some modifications in: /system/library/pagination.php Search for

and replace with

also find

and replace with


Unserialize a string (PHP)

Unserialize a string


Assign store id on all products at once (PHP – OpenCart)

Save the following script in a file on main OpenCart directory and call it. Set the variable $store_id with your preferred store.


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Force redirect to www using .htaccess

Edit your .htaccess file and add the following:


swMenuPro 6.x and Joom!Fish 2.2.x issue (PHP – Joomla 1.5)

It is not possible to select language in swMenuPro 6.x when you use Joom!Fish 2.2.x. The solution: Edit file:

Replace line:

with line:

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