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Joomfish content element for AC File Payments

    SBZini is a very usefull function for creating INI files instantly. Just type filename, root, key, value, action and done. For action type ’save’ to save or ’restore’ to parse a value.   It is a content element for AC File Payments by Angel Coding and it translates only filename, file and download […]

Include Date & Time – Plugin (PHP – Joomla 1.5)

This Joomla 1.5 plugin allows you to include date time in articles easily using strftime format. {include_datetime format} Example:

Result: {include_datetime %A %e %B %Y} Format details: format Description Example returned values Day — — %a An abbreviated textual representation of the day Sun through Sat %A A full textual representation of the […]

Last modified.: 02/01/2018 Free source (Delphi, PHP, Perl)


HTML free page launcher for multimedia applications.  


It is a very usefully tool for DJ’s, musicians and recording studios. beatsCALC is a very usefully tool for DJ’s, musicians and recording studios. It is very helpful to count precisely how many beats per minute contains a song.Just click the button “Click with rhythm” following the rhythm of the song until the progress bar […]


It is a very useful tool calculates the way pages printed to create a book. bookCALC is a very useful tool. It can be very helpful when you want to create a book using A4 pages split in 2 sheets.You just type the number of your pages, click “calculate” and you’ll get the result in […]


Our first published software. It is a simple mp3 explorer and player. WAVetect is a very useful tool for radio stations, recording studios etc. When you first run WAVetect, lists all WAV files they excist in all your hard disks. You can hear any WAV you want instantly, or delete it. An important advantage is […]

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