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Delete cache on TablePress plugin for WordPress

TablePress cache saved on database. So in order to delete it you have to execute:


Opencart 2.2 redirect issue

If you want to redirect your old site pages to new opencart 2.x,  add the following code to the end of .htaccess: (the example is from virtuemart to opencart 2.2)

Error pagination page={page} in SEO (Opencart)

A simple solution to fix this issue is to make some modifications in: /system/library/pagination.php Search for

and replace with

also find

and replace with


Mail server setup using ISP config

Automated installation on Ubuntu 16.04

source:   How to disable spamfilter- and antivirus functions in ISPConfig 3 If you use a mailserver wil very low ram (< 500 MB) and a slow CPU then it might be nescessary to disable the spam- and antivirus filter functions in ISPConfig 3 as amavisd and clamav […]

Change category image size in Journal theme (OpenCart)

The category image size in Journal is predefined as 175×175. You can change this if you edit the file: /catalog/controller/journal2/category.php and change these 2 lines:

  If you want to change the custom section image size go to custom section->edit module->General Options->Image Dimensions

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Force redirect to www using .htaccess

Edit your .htaccess file and add the following:


Copy component manually in Joomla 2.x

First of all copy the folders /components/com_x /administrator/components/com_x Then copy the component’s rows from tables: extensions menu assets redirect_links