This is a unique drop up javascript menu.

It is fully manual customizable. You can add up to 15 menu items with unlimited sub menus each. Every menu and sub menu item can link to a web page but not mandatory.

The basic idea is that each time you click on a menu item, to display the sub menu without having to change the current page.

First of all you have to create all buttons graphically.

Ideally create 3 icons per option. 1 for active button, 1 for inactive and 1 for mouse over – hover.

Each button filenames should be like this:

button1_on.png (active)
button1_off.png (inactive)
button1_hover.png (hover)


carbut1.png (active)
carbut1_off.png (inactive)
carbut1_ho.png (hover)

You can create your buttons on photoshop or easily online:


See Drop up demo: