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EMDI supports barcode printing with Godex printers

EMDI Business Management connects with barcode printers DT2x, DT4x, G300, G330, G500, G530 by Godex and supports barcode printing on a form which is easily designed through their own program and uses GEPL protocol.

Last modified.: 25/10/2018 News

SBZ systems at Market Expo Trade Show

SBZ Systems has successfully presented its extensive retail solutions as part of its participation at the Market Expo Trade Show, held from 5 to 7 October 2018 at the Metropolitan Expo Conference Center. EMDI Retail POS is ideal for professionals in food, beverage, toy, tobacco, commercial and manufacturing businesses. In Hall 1 – H25 booth of […]

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manageQueue in Leroy Merlin

The manageQueue in Leroy Merlin – Greece. At the new Leroy Merlin in downtown Athens (112 Vasilissis, next to the Ipokratio Hospital) successfully installed the system of priority management manageQueue of SBZ systems by GL POS Analysis. The manageQueue comes to offer department stores solution to give their clients the best, most convenient shopping experience. […]

Last modified.: 17/04/2018 News

EMDI bridge with Shopify

EMDI Business Management now supports Shopify! The connection is made through the new “bridge” file and the EMDI connectror app. With just one click the bridge downloads full client details, products (prices, photos etc.) and order list, ready to be invoiced, as well as supporting inventory managing by uploading availability on Shopify. In order to […]

EMDI bridge with Elzab scales.

The construction of the bridge, joining EMDI Commercial Management with the Elzab scales, has been successfully completed. The EMDI can be connected to Elzab prima (Gray and light), Elzab Saturn 2 and Elzab Vega 2 models.

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Last modified.: 23/02/2018 News

EMDI bridge with Deliveras

The construction of the bridge, joining EMDI Commercial Management with the software of DELIVERAS, has been successfully completed! In particular, now the EMDI business program can work fully and efficiently with DELIVERAS software, automatically registering your orders.

Last modified.: 16/03/2018 News


The construction of the bridge, joining EMDI Commercial Management with OpenCart3 e-commerce software, has been successfully completed! In particular, EMDI is now able to cooperate fully and effectively with OpenCart e-commerce websites and e-shops, keeping up-to-date with all changes, purchases, orders made through e-shops, but also the clientele that is listed there. How does eshop […]

Last modified.: 09/02/2018 News

Edit print reports in EMDI

Now with EMDI you have the ability to process prints with the familiar Fast Reports software. Now you can create the print reports you want, yourself. You can see the help videos here or download their manual here. All predefined print reports are in the /forms/templates folder. If you want to change one of them, […]

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EMDI Bridge with Prestashop

EMDI Business Management now supports the brand new Prestashop e-commerce platform! The brand new bridge is now ready and gives EMDI the ability to communicate with Prestashop CMS and receive data such as customers, products with variations and availability, prices and orders. Download here:

Last modified.: 17/03/2018 News
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