• All our software can be used completely FREE for 30 days without any restrictions on use.
  • Purchase price includes upgrades and telephone support, which exclusively concerns the solution of our software issues, for 1 year.
  • The rental price (cloud or on-premise) includes support, which exclusively concerns the solution of our software issues, and new versions.
  • Our software never locks even if the annual subscription is not paid, if the customer informs us that he does not wish to have new versions and remote support in the future. Used as is – you can not switch to a new version – at no extra cost.
  • If there is a desire to reuse the software, whether the cloud subscription has been discontinued or local support has been discontinued, the payment of all previous subscriptions will be required before the resumption of its use.
  • For use of the program on more than 1 computer, each additional license, at the same VAT number and address, costs 50% of the license market price.
  • For simultaneous use by more than one user, an additional license is required, which costs 50% of the market price.
  • Prepaid e-signature packages are valid for 2 years (annual packages have a duration of 1 year).
  • If there is a need to change the VAT number and/or address, then the software needs to be repurchased, and installation tasks need to be repaid.
  • If an extension of the software is requested by the customer, the software will continue to operate normally; however, electronic services such as MyData will not be available until the subscription is paid. Electronic services, such as MyData, require the active subscription of the user to function properly.
  • If tasks have been requested by the customer and have not been paid within the specified period, then the software will be terminated, and the customer will not be able to access the software, technical, and telephone support until the debt is paid.

Installments or subscription:

Installments or rent is paid through a bank account and credit or debit card. If the current installment or subscription is not paid, the program locks automatically and is not functional. When paid, the program unlocks. Support and new versions are only included in the rental price. In case an extension is requested for the software, we are able to temporarily suspend it, but electronic services such as MyData will not be accessible until the debt is settled.


Support and upgrades:

  • The annual upgrade subscription is optional and includes remote support, which exclusively concerns the solution of our software issues, but also the right to upgrade to all its new versions. The annual subscription does not include customization tasks.
  • The annual upgrade subscription is optional but has continuity. It is not possible to renew without paying the old ones.
  • Any support that is made by phone and does not concern the solution of our software issues, is costed according to the type of work and is carried out exclusively and only after the deposit of the money by the client.
  • Out of working hours the customer can choose prepaid remote work package (it does not include the new versions of the software).
    • out of working hours (weekdays 18:00 to 21:00 and Saturday 9:00 to 21:00)  240,00 / month for 4 hours of remote work with a minimum charge of 1 hour
  • Even if the hours in the after-hours subscription are not utilized, the payment for them is non-refundable and cannot be transferred if the time frame for which the charge applies has expired.

  • The cost of remote support is always determined upon request.

    • document form design  60,00
    • SQL report  100,00
    • connection of tax mechanism  60,00
    • cash register connection  80,00
    • inkjet printer installation  15,00
    • network printer installation  30,00 per workstation
    • label printer installation  60,00
    • network setup  30,00 per workstation
  • The annual subscription is mandatory when using online services such as shipping connection, e-shop, finding customer details via VAT, etc. If the customer does not wish to pay it, the corresponding services are disabled.
  • The annual subscription is not refundable or set-off.
  • The cost of the annual subscription is 20% of the acquisition market price – Does not affect monthly subscriptions.
  • When a customer is not, financially aware – has not paid the subscriptions – and needs to switch to a new version there are 2 alternatives:
    • payment of all annual subscriptions due
    • payment of 75% of the latest version market price

For all of the above:

  • The cost of installation, configuration and the design of one invoice form, based on customer’s requirements, is not included and the cost, for doing remotely, is  60,00. EMDI has, printing templates, built in.
  • For installation at the customer’s place the minimum charge is  120,00 with a maximum duration of 2 hours. Each additional hour is charged with  60,00.
  • For installation at the customer’s site you must contact one of our partners.
  • VAT not included where applied.