The construction of the bridge, which unites EMDI Commercial Management with the Skroutz cart, has been successfully completed!

Specifically, there is now the possibility for the EMDI commercial program to cooperate fully and effectively with e-shops connected to the Skroutz cart, staying up-to-date with all orders placed, but also the clientele and the products that are registered there.

How Skroutz cart works in conjunction with our EMDI business management:

An order placed through the Skroutz cart is transferred directly and automatically to EMDI Commercial Management on your computer. At the same time, all the items are transferred, as well as the customers that are in the orders.

Correspondingly, the EMDI commercial management automatically updates the status of the orders placed.

This makes pricing and keeping your warehouse much easier and faster.

So, for example, an order placed through the Skroutz cart, is transferred directly and automatically to EMDI Commercial Management on your computer and automatically notifies you, without having to monitor the operation of the e-shop at any time and without having the fear of not paying attention or losing an order. Accordingly, the availability of your warehouse is automatically updated through the movements made from the Skroutz cart.

The bridge of EMDI with the Skroutz cart is open source software and is distributed free of charge, but the installation and configuration of the add-on by us on your computer and in your e-shop, is charged based on your needs.

You can download the bridge from here:

Contact us and take advantage of this innovative technology, connecting your online sales with the EMDI commercial management program in an innovative and easy-to-use way!