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SBZ is an official reseller of ESET products (antivirus – antimalware)


ESET Smart Security protects you always and everywhere, so that you can safely connect to social networks, surf the Internet and most importantly protect your files, especially if the computer you use is intended for your work or your business.

Antivirus and Antispyware – provides proactive protection against all kinds of online and offline threats and prevents the spread of malicious code to other users.
Exploit Blocker – protects against attacks on web browsers, pdf readers and other applications. Prevents lockscreen and ransomware attacks.
Advanced Memory Scanner – protects system memory from malware that uses strong encryption to evade detection.
Anti-Theft – locate and track your laptop if it’s lost or stolen and increase your chances of getting it back
Firewall – prevent access to your computer and misuse of your files by unauthorized users, e.g. on public Wi-Fi.
Vulnerability Shield – stay safe against any malicious threat trying to exploit network vulnerabilities.
Botnet Protection – ESET’s innovative detection technology ensures that your computer does not unknowingly become part of a criminal network that sends spam or attacks servers.
All security settings are protected with an Anti-Phishing code – protects against attempts to steal personal information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card numbers.
Device Control – prevents unauthorized copying of your personal data to CDs, DVDs, USB and other portable devices.
Laptop support – keeps the computer active longer by postponing notification, process and update windows to save resources.
One-click solution – check your protection status and access the most common functions with one click.
Payment and Banking Protection – Automatically secures your online banking payments and helps protect during payments.
Settings for advanced users – in-depth security settings to adapt to your needs. Set maximum search level, search time and size of files to search and more.

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