EMDI Business Management is an easy-to-use business invoicing software that offers a range of powerful features to make your life easier!

Our main focus has always been to keep the software simple and incredibly easy but also flexible and fully customizable.

We’ll undertake the complete installation, transfer or import of your customers and  products from your old invoicing software, excel or text file and we’ll prepare your invoice document. Try it for 30 days for free and if  you are satisfied then you can rent or buy it.

EMDI Business Management is a professional invoicing and stock control software, incredibly easy to use, but at the same time flexible and customizable for all kinds of businesses, with highly competitive price and continuous support of our best trained technicians!


Keep track of your products and services
Using EMDI allowing you to instantly see how many items you have in stock, which of them running low And full reports of what you need to reorder and who from. Manage your products, services, contacts, customers, suppliers, quotes, orders and any kind of document you need.

Personalized price lists for each customer/supplier
Profits and multiple VAT rates for any product or service.
Organize your products and services by creating categories, making it easy to navigate your inventory.
Color coded product inventory to instantly alert you about stock levels.

Contacts/Customers/Suppliers management
Keeping track any of your contacts, customers and suppliers, now is easy!
Like a search engine find your customer and you are ready to add to quotes, orders and much more.
Track your customers’ purchases to view their order history instantly.

Quotation to invoice at once
In purchases/sales section you can create quotations, issue invoices and keep track of which has paid and which hasn’t.
Creating quotations, orders, invoices etc. is easy and needs just only a few clicks.

Electronic point of sale
EMDI features a virtual ePOS (electronic point of sale) screen that allows you, combined with a thermal (receipt) printer and barcode scanner, to issue receipts.

EMDI, is a complete package of ERP and CRM, which operates in a modern environment and incorporates many additional functions:

  • Free online installation and training available
  • Automatically import of customer data, based on VAT number
  • Customers/Suppliers/Contacts database
  • Products/Services database and stock control
  • Create professional invoices, orders, receipts etc. manually or recursively
  • Create your own invoice layout and style
  • Send PDF invoices directly by email
  • Built in automatic backup System
  • VAT or any other tax calculations
  • Fully configurable VAT rates
  • Automatic or manual updates
  • View and Print Customers/Suppliers History
  • Excel/CSV import/export
  • Create reports with charts and graphs
  • Fully barcode support
  • Works fast on a network environment even via internet.
  • Free import of your old customer/supplier/contact/products/services databases
  • New search technology that gives you faster database results
  • Connection with the popular shopping carts (opencart,cscart,virtuemart,whmcs etc.)
  • 12 month free telephone and email support
  • Very easy ePOS surface/environment


  • In enterprises with intensive retail, products and services sales
    Clothing stores, footwear, electrical appliances, computers, telecommunication stores, business that offers services, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.
  • In commercial business with wholesale sales
    Clothes manufacturers, footwear, electrical appliances, food, building materials etc.
  • For businesses and professionals who wish to manage and optimize their customer relationships
    Clothing enterprises, footwear, food handling, beverages, call centers, doctors, physiotherapists, clinics etc.
  • In branch networks across sectors and activities
    Stores connectivity with branches online. Clothing stores, footwear, electrical appliances, computers, telecommunication stores, business that offers services, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.


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