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DNS Google for gmail,hotmail,yahoo in DirectAdmin.

Gmail, yahoo,hotmail need some pre-requisite DNS settings so there is no problem with emails. In the DirectAdmin admin we go to the DNS administrator and find the domain we want to edit and the page with all the settings must have the following: _dmarc  |  TXT  |  "v=DMARC1; p=none; sp=none;"  (if i want to [...]

Easy ISPConfig installation on Ubuntu 18

After a successful ubuntu installation type the following:


Import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL – Centos linux

Use the following:

If your database has errors and you want to import it anyway, use the –force (-f) flag. Rather than stopping on the offending statement, MySQL will continue and just log the errors to the console:


Compress folder recursively using TAR – Centos linux

You can compress recursively a folder keeping ownership and permissions using the following example


Compress folder recursively using ZIP – Centos linux

You can compress recursively a folder using the following example


.htaccess error: Option All not allowed here

If you get a white page and in logs: “Option All not allowed here” replace in .htaccess


Mail server setup using ISP config

Automated installation on Ubuntu 16.04

source:   How to disable spamfilter- and antivirus functions in ISPConfig 3 If you use a mailserver wil very low ram (< 500 MB) and a slow CPU then it might be nescessary to disable the spam- and antivirus filter functions in ISPConfig 3 as amavisd and clamav […]

XML file produced by PHP script fail to load

If after the call of XML file your receive the message “Τhe connection was reset” or in apache logs see something like “…exit signal Segmentation fault (11)” then  try to raise the value of max_execution_time in your server’s php.ini file.   /usr/local/lib/php.ini


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Disable CPU scaling in CentOS


  source: For more information:

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How to block IPs with Brute Force Monitor in DirectAdmin using CSF

To make Directadmin’s Brute Force Monitor work with CSF you should do the following: The is only used for an active “click” by the Admin, it does not automate blocking. Fetch the files:

Create the empty block list and exempt list files:

To automate blocking, install the following script:


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