This is the main screen of FriendsBASE.

How to add a person?
Just type its data by filling the fields (12) (first and last name, address etc.) and click (6) when you finish. That’s it!
How to add a code/password?
Click the funny face (4) and the icon will be swapped to a “key”. The data will changed as following:

Type the data that you want (user name, password etc.) and click (6).
How to delete a person or a code/password?
Select the person or password (url) on (16) and then click (5). You’ll be asked if you sure or not.
How to modify a person or a code/password?
First of all select the person or password (url), you want to modify on (16). Then change its data and when you finish click (7).
How can I find a person or a code/password?
Type a word contained to the record you want to find or the name or the phone etc. into (18) and click (17). If the search is successfull you’ll be notified and the result will be appeared. If there are several results, you can see it one by one.
How can I create my own skins?
Click (8) to open the settings window.
Can I create more that 1 phonebook?
Of course, you can create as many phonebooks you want by clicking (1). To open a phonebook just click (2). The label (3) shows the active phonebook name. Notice that in order to use multiple phonebooks you have to be a registered user.

Other useful features:
Click (13) to open your favourite SMS page.
Click (14) to open your favourite web email page. 
Click (15) to open the URL.

You can drag’n’drop URL from Internet explorer to FriendsBASE in to URL field or any kind of text to the other fields.