Website module for enabling callback feature for websites and e-shops. It gives to the the ability to enter a phone number and receive calls automatically from your Elastix/FreePBX telephone center.

This function is particularly useful for all websites and e-shops, especially in cases where the visitors do not wish to be charged for the call or hesitate to carry these costs.

With the CallBack Website Module for Elastix/FreePBX, the website owner can guarantee that his/her website will not miss visiting customers who are reluctant to call the website due to additional charges.

Easy installation:

  1. Copy our files into folder: /var/www/html/callback
  2. Embed the following code in your website:

  1. Create a SIP extension typing 110 for its name and number.
  2. In SIP’ s Optional Destinations -> Not Reachable -> Select the destination of the call.