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Restarting Firebird

If Firebird stopped (and emdi displaying a message that says it was terminated because one of the following database-related problems arose), we can go from the Windows control panel and restart by pressing the Start button. If we can’t start Firebird Server Manager on the control panel, another way is to go to the Windows […]

Change unwanted language – keyboard layout (windows 10)

Set your preferred input language. Open Powershell with administrator rights. Run this command to get a list of installed languages:

If your preferred language is US English, run this command and hit Enter:

Finally run this command to set the order of installed input languages:

The issue should be fixed.

Last modified.: 31/07/2018 Windows general issues

LogonUser to remote machine fails with error 1326

LogonUser to remote machine fails with error 1326. Just try to login to the remote via explorer and when you asked for credentials don’t forget to click save.

Keep network drive alive

An easy method to keep network connections without any interruption is to create a scheduled task that calls a script that maps a certain folder every 5 minutes. 1.  Create a .bat file for example: netrefresh.bat contained

2. Create a scheduled task using the following in command prompt

3. Check if task created […]

Drive connection to network may be lost

On the server: To turn off the autodisconnect feature, open a command prompt, type the following line, and then press ENTER:

On the client:


Last modified.: 29/03/2017 Windows general issues

Problem with simultaneous use of another version firebird

In some cases, the firebird database may be blocked and not opened simultaneously with another firebird version. In order to solve the problem,at the folder:

Execute the commands:

Send emal via command line

with outlook:

  with thunderbird:


Last modified.: 23/07/2015 Windows general issues

Code Signing – How to sign .EXE, .DLL and .CAB files

Purchase a code Signing certificate from (There is a 30 days demo also) and download the private key with certificate (pfx file) Open command prompt Go to directory

Ready to sign your file by typing:

Verify the file:

More information:

Windows 7 – windows XP are not displayed on the network neighborhood

If you create a local network and you do not see the windows XP from windows 7, while the windows XP see the windows 7 and you have tried everything then the most direct solution is to reinstall the windows 7. Warning After you install windows 7, when you are prompted to choose a network […]

Last modified.: 24/07/2015 Windows general issues

Windows 7 – Live Messenger sign-in problem

Disable the Auto Tuning Networking feature: 1. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator. 2. Click Continue when Windows requests permission to continue. 3. At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER: netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled Note: This command […]

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