First of all  you must record or import your audio material with AUDIO RECORDER.

To record or import audio you must first set up all music kinds you need (if you start adding audio files without configure KINDS will be a chaos so it is a requirement).

When you finish with imports/recordings then you can use AIRMIX sound automation.

In AIRMIX sound automation you’ll see to the top-left a list called “AUDIO LIBRARY”. Audio library includes all your audio material. (ex.: commercials, songs, spots etc).

The right list, called “program” switched from “commercials program” to “music program” and the opposite.

In this list you can create programs, music programs or commercials programs.

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Press the “commercials/music program” button until the button will be “music program”.

Lets assume that today is 15/2/1999 and the time is 12:35. If you want AIRMIX to start playing music program you must add music from the left list (audio library) to the right (music program).

It is very simple and logic. Set time at 12:40 (the time is up to commercials/music   program list) and day at 15/2/1999 (the date is up to commercials/music program list). Then you start to add songs.

Then you must enable music program. Press the green “play” button (center-left) or red “stop” button” (depends from the state) until you enable it (you must see the green “play” button).


When the time will be 12:40 music will start to play!

NOTICE: If you want music start immediately the you must press twice the “music enabled” button.

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Ok! the music now is playing !

But you need  now to play a commercial.

It is also very easy!

Assume that time is 12:50 now. You want the commercials to start at 13:00.

Press the “commercials/music program” button until the button will be “commercials program”.

Set time at 13:00 (the time is up-left to music/commercial  program list) and day at 15/2/1999 (the date is up to music/commercial program list). Then  start  adding commercials from left “audio library” list to right “commercials program” list.

Then you must enable commercials program. Press the green “play” button (center-right) or red “stop” button” (depends from the state) until you enable it (you must see the green “play” button).


When time will be 13:00, Commercials will fade out the music and will start playing.

NOTICE: You can set AIRMIX to fade music, in order to play commercials on time else commercials will start playing when the song finished.

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Jingles are audio parts like effects, announcements etc. that mixed up to music while plays. When a jingle started fades a little the music, plays and then sets the volume of music as it was and the music continues without any pause.

The jingle window is to the bottom-right of your screen and has 2 sections: “jingles list” and “auto jingles control settings”

Lets start with “jingles list”

AIRMIX has 10 positions for jingles as you can see. You can use your mouse or keys of NUMpad 0..9 to play instantly jingles from your keyboard anytime you want.

To add your jingles you simply choose a jingle from the “audio library” with your mouse and then you click in the jingle’s list, one of the 10 text boxes. That’s all! Continue the same thing for all jingles.

Notice that you can have more that 10 jingles. You can create unlimited jingle lists. Just click the first grey text box, in to jingles list, and add a name/title you want for the new jingle list. You can select any jingle list you want at any time.

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First you must setup/select a jingles list.

Then change the jingles window to “auto jingles control settings”.

You must set now which jingles you want (0 to 9) to be active.

Then you must check the box to the left of word “active from” in order to starting jingles play auto. (so if you don’t want jingles playing automatically just uncheck that box)

Now you must set the minutes of time you want your selected jingles to executed. For example if you set the first 2 boxes (of 6) like that:

05   54

then your jingles will play at, for ex: …10:05, 11:05, 12:05, 13:05 etc.

…15:54, 16:54, 17:54, 18:54 etc.

You can choose how you want jingles play, random or sequentially (one by one), pressing the button to the top-right (with the yellow dots or the cycle arrow).

Also you can set the volume of music when jingle plays, using the fader to the top.

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There are some restrictions-laws in AIRMIX sound automation:

Commercials have priority. When commercials playing you can’t play from audio library or from jingle list. The only thing you can do is to stop commercials pressing F12 or listen using your second audio card (monitor) pressing.

When you stop an audio file happens with fadeout.

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For easiest and fast use of AIRMIX you can use your keyboard’s function  keys:

F1: help via internet

F2: settings of AIRMIX

F3: plays the selected audio track in the audio library using your second audio card. (monitor)

F4: plays the selected audio track in the audio library.

F6: stops the audio file playing and continues with the selected using mix. If the Music program is disabled the function stops completely the current audio file.

F8: enables/disables music program

F11: automatic/manual execution of commercials program

F12 enables/disables commercials program

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