NetCounter is a billing solution for small or big internet or game providers (internet cafes). It is a simple money meter, specialized for places rent computers for internet surfing or gaming. NetCounter is very easy and accurate and keeps “clean” workstations. You can let your employee to use it without any problem since all basic and “dangerous” settings are locked and only you with a certain and predefined password you can access them. NetCounter is split into two small pieces/programs. The first is called “NetControl” and is the controller of all your workstations. The second is the “NetCounter” that is installed on each workstation in order to control it.

There are many specialized features that made NetCounter to be the best and easiest software specialized for internet cafe’s use. First of, in all workstations of your network, on the top of the screen, appears a small bar that shows the charge of the workstation and the time spent, in order, customer knew the exact amount of money has to pay. Also the customer can sent a message to administrator (ex.for ordering a coffee…)


Also the user of your server always can see how much money and time spent each workstation.