Our first published software. It is a simple mp3 explorer and player.

WAVetect is a very useful tool for radio stations, recording studios etc.

When you first run WAVetect, lists all WAV files they excist in all your hard disks. You can hear any WAV you want instantly, or delete it. An important advantage is that WAVetect can play both WAV and MP3 audio files!

Very helpful and new features also are, searching and drag & drop.WAVetect is FREEWARE

– Proccessor: >133Mhz Pentium (for MP3 required processor >233)
– Memory: 8 MB (for MP3 required memory >32MB)
– Hard disk: any
– Display: 256 colors 800×600
– OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
– sound card