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The construction of the bridge, joining EMDI Commercial Management with OpenCart3 e-commerce software, has been successfully completed!

In particular, EMDI is now able to cooperate fully and effectively with OpenCart e-commerce websites and e-shops, keeping up-to-date with all changes, purchases, orders made through e-shops, but also the clientele that is listed there.

How does eshop work in conjunction with our EMDI marketing management:

An order made through your online store is immediately and automatically transferred to EMDI Commercial Management on your computer. At the same time, all items that are already in your eshop are transferred, as well as customers who have already been subscribed or made purchases.

Accordingly, the availability of the warehouse is automatically and two-sidedly updated by means of the moves made both online and by your physical store.

So pricing and keeping your warehouse makes it much easier and quicker.

So, for example, an order made through your e-shop using the OpenCart software is immediately and automatically transferred to EMDI Commercial Management on your computer and updates it automatically without having to monitor the e-shop anytime and without being afraid of not observing or losing an order. In addition, all transactions made through the e-shop are automatically transferred via the bridge and to EMDI Commercial Management. Similarly, the availability of your warehouse is automatically and bidirectionally updated through the movements made by your online store.

The EMDI Bridge with OpenCart is open source software and is distributed free of charge but installing and customizing the add-on from us on your computer and e-shop costs 100 euros, along with full support and any queries arising from your use .

Communicate with us and take advantage of this innovative technology, linking your online sales with the EMDI marketing program in a pioneering and easy to use way!