The small or large property reception system (also known as property
management system) is the software used to automate the functions
of a hotel. It will allow you to manage everyday operations of your company such as:

  • Check-in and check-out
  • Payment management
  • Visitor and booking details
  • Keep track of your rooms and rates
  • Maintenance cost, expenses and other detailed statistics
  • Visitor communication (automated emails/sms)
  • Connection with your site’s booking system
  • A good reception system will keep you organized and save you some time doing all the hard work for your administrative work.
  • Connects to a call center or a simple landline line (through tapi protocol) to automatically find a customer through caller ID

EMDI hotel management is the booking and hotel management program you need. Allows users to manage rooms, from initial booking to check-out. It helps real estate managers supervise reception functions, online bookings, finances, maintenance and more. Bookings are easy and functional with drag-and-drop. It includes customer management, job lists and more.
The layout in calendar style provides details of current and future bookings.

Email is the best way to keep in touch with your guests, as some of them will be abroad in another time zone, making it difficult to get in touch with on the phone. This tricky part for small but also for big hotel owners gives priority to your time so that every visitor gets consistent and high quality experience.

With EMDI hotel management you can:

Manage your reservations (visitor data, reservation details, used credit card, terms and conditions)
Prepare for an upcoming stay (reminder of check-in and check-out times, check-in process)
Automate your communication with the visitor by Email or sms which makes them more confident in your business providing a more professional experience.
Manage your rooms and rates.
Easily modify any aspect of the reservation, including the possibility of adding notes, add-ons and in-advance payments.

EMDI hotel management is intended for small and big hotels, hotel chains, apartments, villas and real estate companies.

The installments or the rent are paid through a bank account, credit or debit card and paypal. If the current installment is not paid, the program automatically locks and you can not use it. When money is deposited, the program unlocks. Support and new releases are included in the rental price.

Annual support is optional and includes remote support for the program and the right to upgrade to all its new releases. In the event that the customer chooses not to pay it, any support that is done by telephone is priced according to the type of work and is done only after the client has deposited the money. The program is not locked even if the annual subscription is not paid as long as the customer informs us that he does not want to have support and new releases.

Annual support is mandatory in the case of EMDI add-on for connecting with a courier company.

When a customer does not pay the annual subscription fee and need support, there are two cases:
1. The customer will be charged for all unpaid annual support (if more than 3 annual support subscriptions are pending, there is a 40% discount on the initial cost of subscriptions). In this case, it is also entitled to upgrade.
2. The client will be charged whatever amount is agreed per incident (for example: base correction 60 euro, backup recovery 60 euro, transfer of program to another computer 60 euro, print invoice 30 euros, etc.). In this case he is not entitled to upgrade

Do not include VAT. They also do not include the cost of installation, customization and the design of up to 1 printing document according to the client’s requirements, the cost of which is 60 Euros and are made remote (EMDI already has built-in standard printing forms for someone with html knowledge). For installation at the customer’s premises the minimum charge is 120 Euros with a maximum duration of 2 hours. Every extra hour is charged with 60 euros.
Each additional license, costs 50% of the original.