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How to configure charges in Emdi Park

With Emdi Park, we can set charges per minute, we can charge separately for certain hours and days. All settings should be written in the detailed description of the service in the warehouse. In the example below, we have given separate parking charges depending on parking times and we have also set a separate charge […]

Last modified.: 14/03/2019 News, Parking, Settings

Registration and transfer of paycheck.

With Emdi we can easily manage paychecks. In documents we should have two documents ,one is the receipt paycheck and the other will be a payment paycheck. After we register a paycheck  we can transfer it to a client using the copy mechanism of Emdi and turning it into a payment paycheck.This is how we [...]

Embed a barcode into a document from any variable.

The barcode printing from an EMDI form is based on JsBarcode. However, since the EMDI variables usually end up with gaps that change the password, downloaded the customized file: JsBarcode.all.min.js (it trims  the barcode before it produces it). This file is copied to the forms folder. At the top of the form that will include […]

Last modified.: 06/03/2019 Invoices / Payments, Settings

Cancel document with lots.

When we want to cancel a document containing products with lots we follow the following procedure: 1. We cancel the document normally by copying it  for example to credit note .So the items are removed from the warehouse. But the corresponding batches are not released. 2. We open the original document (what we canceled), unlock, […]

Last modified.: 01/03/2019 Invoices / Payments

Field appearance under certain conditions and line change – FastReport

Example of field appearance with line change under certain conditions in FastReport.

Also we can put  basic  html commands by activating it in TfrxMemoView and set AllowHTMLTags=true


In order to reset a document’s number to 1 every day, do the following: In Settings –> Documents, at the corresponding document click on run SQL field (right to the list): In the window that opens, copy and paste the following code:


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All EMDI versions are available for download with a 30 days trial license. When the free period is over and you have purchased or rent EMDI, then we send you the corresponding license for your company. To submit that license go to Settings –> Options (3 dots on the upper right corner) –> About. In the […]

Customer display settings on Elzab POS Alfa 100

In order to set up the built-in customer display of POS Alfa 100: 1. Install spos.exe (activate the option for RS232 device connector during EMDI installation). 2. Edit (with any notepad) the file sposbridge.ini (in EMDI installation folder) to look like the following (copy and paste):

3. User rights of EMDI folder in windows […]

Calculation of additional units in document lines

There are 6 types of calculation for the additional units in the document lines: 1st quantity, variable Quantity = Quantity 2 * Unit Amount 2 Quantity = Quantity 3 * Unit Amount 3 When changing any of the above, the corresponding equality is always created Of the first quantity, constant, when the 2nd, 3rd changes […]

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Restarting Firebird

If Firebird stopped (and emdi displaying a message that says it was terminated because one of the following database-related problems arose), we can go from the Windows control panel and restart by pressing the Start button. If we can’t start Firebird Server Manager on the control panel, another way is to go to the Windows […]

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