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Keep network drive alive

An easy method to keep network connections without any interruption is to create a scheduled task that calls a script that maps a certain folder every 5 minutes. 1.  Create a .bat file for example: netrefresh.bat contained

2. Create a scheduled task using the following in command prompt

3. Check if task created […]

Error pagination page={page} in SEO (opencart)

A simple solution to fix this issue is to make some modifications in: /system/library/pagination.php Search for

and replace with

also find

and replace with


Drive connection to network may be lost

On the server: To turn off the autodisconnect feature, open a command prompt, type the following line, and then press ENTER:

On the client:


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Mail server setup using ISP config

Automated installation on Ubuntu 16.04

source:   How to disable spamfilter- and antivirus functions in ISPConfig 3 If you use a mailserver wil very low ram (< 500 MB) and a slow CPU then it might be nescessary to disable the spam- and antivirus filter functions in ISPConfig 3 as amavisd and clamav […]

Change category image size in Journal theme (OpenCart)

The category image size in Journal is predefined as 175×175. You can change this if you edit the file: /catalog/controller/journal2/category.php and change these 2 lines:

  If you want to change the custom section image size go to custom section->edit module->General Options->Image Dimensions

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SIP port forwarding (FreePBX, Elastix, Asterisk)

From any sip client, remotely, you have to use: your-ip:9998    

Unserialize a string (PHP)

Unserialize a string


Setup audio streaming (FreePBX, Elastix, Trixbox)

Use the following line to stream an online radio station:


Fix corrupted database – Firebird

Fix corrupted database


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Return data in a corresponding cell if lookup matches

The following is an example that demonstrates how to return data in a corresponding cell if matches in a range of cells.   Lookup from a different sheet:

From the same sheet:

1 2 3 10