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Import an SQL file using the command line in MySQL – Centos linux

Use the following:

If your database has errors and you want to import it anyway, use the –force (-f) flag. Rather than stopping on the offending statement, MySQL will continue and just log the errors to the console:


Compress folder recursively using TAR – Centos linux

You can compress recursively a folder keeping ownership and permissions using the following example


Compress folder recursively using ZIP – Centos linux

You can compress recursively a folder using the following example


LogonUser to remote machine fails with error 1326

LogonUser to remote machine fails with error 1326. Just try to login to the remote via explorer and when you asked for credentials don’t forget to click save.

Opencart SSL & SEO issue fix

There is an Opencart issue because base href tag is not properly setup when using SSL and static assets are loaded with the wrong path. To fix this, edit catalog/controller/common/header.php and replace


After you make this change, refresh Opencart modifications, clear vqmod’s cache (if you have vqmod installed) and your issue […]

Last modified.: 03/01/2018 Free source (Delphi, PHP, Perl)

Setup SIP account – Zoiper


Avoid changing date on data import

Each time we import data from a file into EMDI, the date on each line imported, being modified. To avoid this, when selecting the fields to be inserted, in a blank column, we assign the Modify field. So because the field is empty it will not be affected and therefore the date will remain as […]

Last modified.: 03/11/2017 Data Import

Assign OnKeyDown event on TAdvDBFormPanel (Delphi)

This is an easy way to assign onkeydown event in all edit controls created by TAdvDBFormPanel:


Opencart 2.2 redirect issue

If you want to redirect your old site pages to new opencart 2.x,  add the following code to the end of .htaccess: (the example is from virtuemart to opencart 2.2)

.htaccess error: Option All not allowed here

If you get a white page and in logs: “Option All not allowed here” replace in .htaccess


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