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Field appearance under certain conditions and line change – FastReport

Example of field appearance with line change under certain conditions in FastReport.

Also we can put  basic  html commands by activating it in TfrxMemoView and set AllowHTMLTags=true

Problem with opening call monitoring recording file, 404 File not found! (Elastix)

If each time you try to open monitor recordings on Elastix you receive the message 404 File not found!, this is a simple solution for the issue (worked for elastix-2.5.0-1): Go to

and edit index.php On line 384 insert the line:

so it will look like that:

save it.

Secure Issabel and Elastix PBX (asterisk)

Change default sip port from 5060 to something else for example 11333.

add the following to the file:

(Change 5060 to your new port).

Don’t forget to add the new port into Fail2Ban.

Define the new port on firewall Disable unused rules and add a one with the new port Reduce […]

Delete cache on TablePress plugin for WordPress

TablePress cache saved on database. So in order to delete it you have to execute:


Easy ISPConfig installation on Ubuntu 18

After a successful ubuntu installation type the following:


Easy install Issabel PBX on Centos 7

After a successful centos installation type the following:


Let’s Encrypt certificate installation problem (Issabel PBX)

If you try to install Let’s Encrypt certificate via Issabel web interface and it is failed you can installed from ssh.

If you get the message “Problem binding to port 80: Could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6.” try

After the certification creation via ssh, you can renew it easily via web interface.

Missed calls Notification on Email (Issabel, FreePBX, Elastix, Asterisk)

This is a simple cronJob to send automatic a custom CDR email every 10 minutes that will include all missed calls of this period. Create a php file named missed_calls.php

and store it here

Finally create an every minute cronjob named missed_calls.cron

and store it here


Restarting Firebird

If Firebird stopped (and emdi displaying a message that says it was terminated because one of the following database-related problems arose), we can go from the Windows control panel and restart by pressing the Start button. If we can’t start Firebird Server Manager on the control panel, another way is to go to the Windows […]

Import voucher status from excel

Courier companies usually send an excel file with the status of orders which includes delivery date. This date can be imported in EMDI: In Settings give a name for Custom field 1: In Documents list right click and select the custom field for the column to appear: Select the document and click on the menu (at […]

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