At Emdi we have the option to connect Emdi for Andoid and Emdi Restaurant so orders can be  on Emdi Restaurant after they are registered on the mobile.

At first, both devices should be on the same network. Then we need to open the 6000 port on Windows on our server by going to the Windows Firewall and creating an incoming rule for port 6000.

Then we go to  Emdi Restaurant settings in Communication / Maintenance -> Communication via tcp, we activate it and we choose the 6000 port if it is not selected.

Tcpdevices.exe must be open and running and TCP status need to be  online (the exe is located in the Emdi folder).

Then we have to adjust the settings  on our mobile or tablet .

We  go to the Emdi -> General -> Tcp server settings and add my IP server IP / Port (shown in tcpdevices.exe) and the port I have assigned to Emdi Restaurant the 600 in this case).

I also have to set the right documents starting with the order number, payment, cancellation.