When connecting Emdi (ordering for Andoid and iOS) with Emdi Restaurant if we can’t make devices communicating with each other, we should check some of the following settings.

  • Be enabled and have the correct port in emdi’s  settings (communication via tcp) and the tcpdevices.exe should run at the bottom right as well as having port 6000 open in our windows machine.
  • In Emdi’s settings for Android, we should check that the settings with Emdi Restaurant are the same especially  in the currency and decimal separator fields, as well as the IP and port.Also the  documents must  have the correct document ID for ordering, payment, cancellation documents.
  • The tables from Emdi Restaurant must be unique, no other table with the same name (the app will crash when we try to receive data from Emdi restaurant ).
  • In the database in the “pvlhseis” table, the “devicessentlist” field must be 30 characters per device. If for example we connect 4 devices then it should be 4×30 = 120 characters.