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Convert tables from innodb to MyISAM – WordPress

This is a simple script for WordPress that converts all the tables from innodb to MyISAM. Some times this operation improves the speed of saving a page or post from admin panel.

  You can try it when it is very slow to save changes in a WordPress page or post.

Last modified.: 06/05/2019 Free source (Delphi, PHP, Perl)

Programmatically selecting a TTreeView node by index – Delphi

Here’s an example that has will show you how to programmatically select a TTreeView node via index number


Change varchar character set to UTF8 in Firebird database

Bellow is a firebird SQL script that will help you easily to change the character set of all varchar fields of a database.


Last modified.: 07/04/2019 Databases issues and tips

Problem with opening call monitoring recording file, 404 File not found! (Elastix)

If each time you try to open monitor recordings on Elastix you receive the message 404 File not found!, this is a simple solution for the issue (worked for elastix-2.5.0-1): Go to

and edit index.php On line 384 insert the line:

so it will look like that:

save it.

Secure Issabel and Elastix PBX (asterisk)

Change default sip port from 5060 to something else for example 11333.

add the following to the file:

(Change 5060 to your new port).

Don’t forget to add the new port into Fail2Ban.

Define the new port on firewall Disable unused rules and add a one with the new port Reduce […]

Wincor Nixdorf customer display setup

In order to set up the customer display of Wincor Nixdorf Ba63 and Ba64 models (BA64_Operating_Manual_english.pdf) follow these steps: 1. Install spos.exe (activate the option for RS232 device connector during EMDI installation). 2. Edit (with any notepad) the file sposbridge.ini (in EMDI installation folder) to look like the following (copy and paste):

3. User […]

Delete cache on TablePress plugin for WordPress

TablePress cache saved on database. So in order to delete it you have to execute:


Easy ISPConfig installation on Ubuntu 18

After a successful ubuntu installation type the following:


Easy install Issabel PBX on Centos 7

After a successful centos installation type the following:


Let’s Encrypt certificate installation problem (Issabel PBX)

If you try to install Let’s Encrypt certificate via Issabel web interface and it is failed you can installed from ssh.

If you get the message “Problem binding to port 80: Could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6.” try

After the certification creation via ssh, you can renew it easily via web interface.

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