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Import voucher status from excel

Courier companies usually send an excel file with the status of orders which includes delivery date. This date can be imported in EMDI: In Settings give a name for Custom field 1: In Documents list right click and select the custom field for the column to appear: Select the document and click on the menu (at […]

Import / export excel, text, csv from settings.

At EMDI in addition to the ability to import data from sales, customers,inventory  we can also import data through the settings. First we  open the settings and we choose the field which we  want to import or export data. In the example above  I use the sub-category items field to import some categories in this […]

Last modified.: 29/08/2018 Data Import

Importing data from a file into pricing.

EMDI offers the ability to import text, csv or excel products into pricing. The file that can be imported into EMDI must be in Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format (.xls) or plain text delimited by a character (.csv). It must be a Microsoft Excel worksheet or export to Excel or csv. The steps to import into [...]
Last modified.: 29/08/2018 Data Import

Avoid changing date on data import

Each time we import data from a file into EMDI, the date on each line imported, being modified. To avoid this, when selecting the fields to be inserted, in a blank column, we assign the Modify field. So because the field is empty it will not be affected and therefore the date will remain as […]

Last modified.: 03/11/2017 Data Import

Import data from Excel, Csv or text file

EMDI offers the ability to import data from many programs in the market, thus facilitating data transfer and data sharing with older software that you want to change! The file imported into EMDI must have Microsoft Excel (.xls) format and it is irrelevant from which program originated. It may be a worksheet in Microsoft Excel […]