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Settings for Emdi (iOS and android ordering) and Emdi Restaurant.

When connecting Emdi (ordering for Andoid and iOS) with Emdi Restaurant if we can't make devices communicating with each other, we should check some of the following settings. Be enabled and have the correct port in emdi's  settings (communication via tcp) and the tcpdevices.exe should run at the bottom right as well as having port [...]
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Additional text in print order.

In the settings it is possible to add text that enters the print end of each order.   The following variables can be included in the text: #TEL   Customer telephone #MOB   Mobile customer #EML   E-mail customer #NAM   Name

Set up Orders

First we create a new document with the name ORDER, then below in the Order of the relevant documents we put the code of the document ORDER and check per customer (if we want to execute each order separately) In routing below, we define the spaces, for example. Kitchen salads, kitchen dishes, soft drinks and […]