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Calculation of additional units in document lines

There are 6 types of calculation for the additional units in the document lines: 1st quantity, variable Quantity = Quantity 2 * Unit Amount 2 Quantity = Quantity 3 * Unit Amount 3 When changing any of the above, the corresponding equality is always created Of the first quantity, constant, when the 2nd, 3rd changes […]

Last modified.: 03/10/2018 Invoices / Payments

Bulk copy / conversion of documents

To copy documents and convert them to another document, for example receipt ,we go Purchases/sales-> list of documents and choose the documents we want to copy. Then press the magic stick icon and select the type of document we want to be copied. If we check the date ,our document will take the original date, […]

Last modified.: 15/09/2018 Invoices / Payments

Import voucher status from excel

Courier companies usually send an excel file with the status of orders which includes delivery date. This date can be imported in EMDI: In Settings give a name for Custom field 1: In Documents list right click and select the custom field for the column to appear: Select the document and click on the menu (at […]

Show additional items in EMDI document printing (video)

In EMDI Commercial Management you can hide or display the additional items in the document printing.
Last modified.: 17/08/2018 Invoices / Payments

Purchase price on offer,order form.

There are times  we  want ,when making an order form, the purchase prices are automatically brought to the items . To enter this function go to Settings-> Documents and in the document line we want to select Move: None and Show values: Yes / Back.
Last modified.: 17/08/2018 Invoices / Payments

Replace characters in document ware description.

There are many cases where in the description of a ware there are characters that are not supported by tax mechanisms, cash machines, For this reason, there is an arrangement that replaces the characters we want with others, in the settings -> purchases / sales replacement descriptive characters. In the example below, we replace the [...]
Last modified.: 17/08/2018 Invoices / Payments, Settings

Tables balance calculation (Hospitality)

When a table is not counted correctly or is zero, it should not be one of the main reasons for the time. Balances are generated based on time. So we check if the time and date of the computer were correct when we charged the table. In this case, future charges may be charged and […]

Last modified.: 04/01/2019 Invoices / Payments

Automatic import of customer’s/supplier’s items when creating a document

When we are in the process of issuing a bill, invoice, for example, there is the possibility after we choose the customer to automatically add all the items he bought in a certain amount of time. Under Settings-> Purchases / Sales->Line Settings->Mass insert Here we define how many days prior to collecting the items of […]

Last modified.: 05/05/2018 Invoices / Payments

Form selection when issue or reprint a document

To enable form selection when printing or reprinting a document, open the purchases/sales from the options and then select menu on the top right, then choose edit and select the document form change. Now, whenever go to print or reprint a document It will open a window, in which you have to choose the print […]

Last modified.: 08/05/2018 Invoices / Payments, Settings

Automatically document creation

Automatically create a new document when issuing a cash payment document and then convert the form of payment into the current document into credit. This is required in case of connection to analytic accounting where it is required to properly maintain the cash. Copy the following code into the settings->purchases/sales->documents->run SQL in the document you […]

Last modified.: 14/01/2018 Invoices / Payments, Settings
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