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Import voucher status from excel

Courier companies usually send an excel file with the status of orders which includes delivery date. This date can be imported in EMDI: In Settings give a name for Custom field 1: In Documents list right click and select the custom field for the column to appear: Select the document and click on the menu (at […]

Paste search for customers and items

When you have copied many lines from excel and you want to paste them with spaces in search of the warehouse or clientele click right in the search and paste field. Line change automatically becomes blank.

Recover customers/suppliers entries that have been deleted

When a customer or vendor is deleted, their documents cease counting and appearing in the list of documents. To restore them go to settings-> purchases/sales-> Fix documents After the correction we open customers/suppliers and we search for listings whose company begins with *. Customers/suppliers that were deleted were created again without their details. The documents […]

Merge duplicate customers, suppliers

Many times we have double and triple customers and suppliers on the database. This feature merge them and integrated, correlated with the corresponding documents. Click on customers/suppliers->Menu (Top right)->Edit->Merge duplicate entries or activate it so that when customers are imported from e-shop they are merged, on Settings->E-shop connection->Customers check Comparison is made with priority: IF […]

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Customers/suppliers customizable button

The customizable button is useful when you want to call an external program while sending data from EMDI. #CID   Customer ID #TEL   Telephone #MOB   MObile #EML   E-mail #ADR   Address #NAM   Name When you click on the button having set a web page then EMDI appends the customer id to the end of the address:

Whereas if you […]

Last modified.: 15/03/2017 Customers / Suppliers, Settings

How to delete a contact, customer or supplier

On customers/suppliers, click on Settings (upper-right part) –> Edit –> Lock customers/suppliers from deletion, in order to display the delete button. You can now choose from the list the contact you want and delete it by clicking on the button.  

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Customers / Suppliers

Reminder mass copy to selected customers

You can copy a reminder from a customer/supplier to another customer/supplier as follows: Open the customers/suppliers details tab, find the reminder you want, right click on it and select “Copy Reminder”. Then proceed to customers/suppliers list and choose the customers you want by clicking ctr+left click. Finally click Edit (upper-right part) –> Paste reminder to […]

Last modified.: 04/06/2018 Customers / Suppliers

Import data from Excel, Csv or text file

EMDI offers the ability to import data from many programs in the market, thus facilitating data transfer and data sharing with older software that you want to change! The file imported into EMDI must have Microsoft Excel (.xls) format and it is irrelevant from which program originated. It may be a worksheet in Microsoft Excel […]

List of documents/balance of a client

In CUSTOMERS/SUPPLIERS details –> DOCUMENTS/BALANCE tab, you can see the detailed activity of each customer, and also use filters for your search. Opening DOCUMENTS/BALANCE tab in CUSTOMERS/SUPPLIERS details, you can see a list of all the documents of the specified customer, ordered by date. In this tab, you can use the filters on the upper part, narrowing […]

Last modified.: 02/03/2017 Customers / Suppliers

Customer/Supplier List

EMDI business management has a variety of useful tools. One of them is customers/suppliers list. Through that list you can see all the customers/suppliers, their documents and their details. SEARCH FILTERS According to what you are looking for, you can use filters to sort your list. In the first FIELD, you can choose the type […]

Last modified.: 25/06/2018 Customers / Suppliers
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