The customizable button is useful when you want to call an external program while sending data from EMDI.

First of all we create the option we want.


We use the following variables:

#CID   Customer ID
#TEL   Telephone
#TE2   2nd Telephone
#MOB   Mobile
#MO2   2nd Mobile
#EML   E-mail
#EM2   2nd E-mail
#ADR   Address
#NAM   Name


Find email clients in Gmail



Να σημειωθεί ότι όταν επαναλαμβάνεται το πρόθεμα συνεχόμενα, τότε αφαιρείται.


There is also the possibility of many prefixes with a series of variables


So the above link will be translated by EMDI as



When you click on the button having set a web page then EMDI appends the customer id to the end of the address:

Whereas if you call a program 2 fields are being sent separated by semicolon:

  1. Customer line number
  2. Customer id


What is being called is defined at settings->customers/suppliers->customizable button.