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Remote document invoicing.

It is possible to issue documents automatically from other applications that are linked to the EMDI database. Waiting for documents invoicing is done by sales run into the foreground. To do this, make a shortcut (with the EMDI installation steps is also possible):   We select the documents that will be detected for printing. Note […]


In EMDI Business Management, there’s a feature to delete products that have been entered with zero quantity in a document as soon as you save it. This can be activated in Settings –> Purchases/sales –> Line’s settings: The same feature can be applied to addon products.

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Set a minimum item price.

In EMDI there is the option of setting a minimum selling price. This way when a document is created and we are going to change the price from one item there is an update when the price we give is inferior to the specified one. First of all, we create a “Lowest Price” price list. […]

General ordering connection settings for Android and iOS with EMDI Restaurant.

At Emdi we have the option to connect Emdi for Andoid and Emdi Restaurant so orders can be  on Emdi Restaurant after they are registered on the mobile. At first, both devices should be on the same network. Then we need to open the 6000 port on Windows on our server by going to the […]

Quantity calculation based on the amount of packaging.

First of all, we need to set the quantity of document line to be calculated by selecting “1st quantity, variable” from the settings-> Purchases / Sales->Line’s settings-> Additional Units. Calculate. We set active this function in the document by going to  Settings-> Purchases / Sales-> Documents. We select the document from the special fields and […]

Product selection filters at publication of a document.

This function is particularly useful when we have products with options like  color, size or something similar. At the moment we issue a document ,when we have items with the same code prefix and we search for them , it turns out all the corresponding items. If we want to choose for example only items […]

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Identify quantity or value included in product code

EMDI Business Management can identify quantity or value included in product code. The following examples are based on a product with code 2108013. When you register this product in warehouse and you want code recognition, you have to input the original code. Then in Settings->Purchases/Sales->Item ID/Barcode recognizer, set ID/barcode prefix to 21 (write it) and ID/barcode […]

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How to configure charges in Emdi Park

With Emdi Park, we can set charges per minute and we can charge separately for certain hours and days. All settings should be written in the detailed description of the service in the warehouse. In the example below, we have given separate parking charges depending on parking times and we have also set a separate […]

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Embed a barcode into a document from any variable.

The barcode printing from an EMDI form is based on JsBarcode. However, since the EMDI variables usually end up with gaps that change the password, downloaded the customized file: JsBarcode.all.min.js (it trims  the barcode before it produces it). This file is copied to the forms folder. At the top of the form that will include […]

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Every day document number reset to 1

In order to reset a document’s number to 1 every day, do the following: In Settings –> Documents, at the corresponding document click on run SQL field (right to the list): In the window that opens, copy and paste the following code:


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