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Registration and transfer of paycheck.

With Emdi we can easily manage paychecks. In documents we should have two documents ,one is the receipt paycheck and the other will be a payment paycheck. After we register a paycheck  we can transfer it to a client using the copy mechanism of Emdi and turning it into a payment paycheck.This is how we [...]

Run SQL code in EMDI commercial management (video)

EMDI enables you to run any sql code.
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General settings for linking with accounting programs

In order to link the EMDI commercial management with an accounting program, some adjustments should be made. In the figure below we see the titles of the documents and next we see the accounting account, while the code of the accounting document, which must be in line with the accounting, is shown. When we want […]

Shortcut Reports with parameters

You can open a report by sending information externally by adding next to the path the parameters: 1. Report Title 2.Report Code 3.param1 ( more info ) 4.param2 ( more info ) 5. Date FROM 6.Date TO 7.For automatic printing and confirmation,1 eg.

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Reporting rules

The reports are made easily with the programming language SQL and some other commands from EMDI that are implement on the comments. Variables that you can use on the code :apo                                            starting date :ews […]

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Data Communication Settings

Data Communication settings:

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Income/Expenses/Reports tab is a very useful function of EMDI business management cause through this tab you see a detailed presentation of your incomes/expenses which are related with your business. You can have detailed information for your Income/Expenses by using period filter. You can choose tax analysis or non-tax analysis and all documents or non-all documents. […]

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Export ASCII files for accounting software

To export files for accounting software, choose Income/Expenses/Reports-> Connectivity-> Export customers/suppliers/movements for accounting software. Customers/suppliers fields – Company– Customer’s code– Accounting account (from relations)– Customer’s VAT– Tax office’s code– Tax office– Address– Occupation– Tax liability (1=Normal, 2=Reduced, 3=None)– Region– ZIP– Telephone– FAX– Accounting code (Customer or Supplier from relations) Movement’s fields – Movement’s A/A– Movement’s code/ID– Movement’s date– Accounting document code (from documents)– Document’s number– Series– Accounting account (from documents)– Credit price– Balance price– MYF quantity– MYF price– Customer/supplier code

Revenues, expenses and graphics (video)

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