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Automatically send e-mail (with synchronization)

EMDI Business Management can be configured to automatically send e-mail, using the module of synchronization. Fisrtly, an empty (null) database needs to be created (or simply a copy of main). Next, the settings that need to be made in synchronization are as follows: * Cashier Line ID can be found under Settings –> Cashiers: * […]

Last modified.: 02/05/2019 Database Synchronisation

Periodic bulk update of e-shop for product modifications

Here we write the link of the script that sends to e-shop, products modifications. for example: Next to the “fields” we write the field number of the custom fields that we want to include in the export. For more than 1 custom field, we split a comma. In the “prices” field, we write the […]

Last modified.: 12/01/2019 Database Synchronisation

Periodic bulk update of e-shop for product availabilities

Here we write the e-shop link of the script that updates the availability. The #PID variable is used for the Product handle of the item and the #STO variable is for the availability. for example: If we do not specify a variable, then all the availabilities sent together in the “web_availabilities.tmp” text file in […]

Last modified.: 13/02/2019 Database Synchronisation

Availability synchronization in custom fields for online connection between stores

If there are many stores connected each other via network and each of one must have a picture of the availability of all, then we need to send the availability to custom fields via sync. For 3 stores, we must create 4 custom fields, one of which will have the following: In sync, we create […]

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Database Synchronisation

Set up SMS sending

EMDI is associated with almost all SMS sending companies. Currently there are the following defaults (if there is no company we have selected we will help you set it up):     Basic settings In Settings-> General Settings-> Edit send options, you first write your username, password, and sender and then choose the SMS company. […]

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