In synchronization, SQL code can be executed on the current or remote basis.

In the fields, fill in the name of the file containing the code.

Files that contain SQL are always stored in the folder

and in form

The prefix always comes in

and the ending

There is a possibility of mutiple pices of code seperating with “; “.

Finally, to avoid time-consuming calls to SQL, the #MODIFIED variable is replaced with the last date and time the synchronization is done.



The result of the query can be sent online. Fill in the link you want in the “Email Sending” field.

The sent text file is named “web_test.tmp”, where test is the title you have written in the left “Run SQL” field.

The answer EMDI needs to get in order to consider the process successful must be in text and include the word “ok”.

When sending to the internet,always the last piece of code that worked will be used.