If there are many stores connected each other via network and each of one must have a picture of the availability of all, then we need to send the availability to custom fields via sync.

For 3 stores, we must create 4 custom fields, one of which will have the following:

In sync, we create 3 companies and link their databases. We must always have 1 server to share the data, in this example the database “KETS”. We connect the other stores with the main database:

Set up each store by double-clicking it. We fill the field “fields” with the custom field number. For multiple fields we separate by comma. At the current store, we place the suffix “c”, the main “s” and all the stores “t”.

The 1st store has a custom field with the number 1 (so 1c), the store 3 is the server, the number 3 (so 3s) and all the stores the number 4 (so 4t):

The 2nd store has a custom field of number 2 (so 2c), store 3 which is the server, number 3 (so 3s) and all the stores the number 4 (so 4t):

After the end of the synchronization, the 4 custom fields must be the same between the stores and their availability: