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To set up sms with liveall, after we have created our account and bought sms, we should enter the account and copy the http api token.


The http api token we should go to the EMDI program, gray gear and in the sending settings, in the sms field and add the api token to Code/Api token.

The next move is to get the sender name.

The sender name is on the liveall page, specifically where we send bulk sms.

*Attention, the Sender name must have been created and approved by liveall, otherwise you will not be able to send from the program.

After it has been created and approved, I go back to the program settings and fill in the Sender field.

After filling in the Sender and the api token, I choose liveall.eu from the dropdown menu to create the links.


Last move is to press the test button to test if it works.