Sometimes a problem can arise and while we open the customer or product window while it is displayed on the task bar we do not see it. This usually happens in the cloud but also sometimes locally because the window in the settings gets the wrong coordinates.

When in the settings there is the local configuration files setting, I have to enter the EMDI folder (I can also open it from the desktop by opening the file location), find the personal folder, select the user folder and look for settings.ini inside.

In settings.ini I search for pelates_pos and simply delete the coordinates it has after the equal.


If the configuration file locally is not checked, I will have to go to EMDI settings, database settings, in the warning message that pops up, press YES (with great care because I might break my database).

Continuing I press the magnifying glass from the top left to search and look for the word pelates_pos.


After finding the field, I right-click on the value field and delete the coordinates from inside.

***The specific example is for the customers window, I do the same for the warehouse, the difference is that for the warehouse the field is called apouhkh_pos!