At EMDI we have the ability to cancel an invoice and return the products that were invoiced both in reserve and accounting in the trading program.

First we must find the invoice which we want to cancel in the List of documents in the field Purchases / Sales in EMDI. Once we find and open the invoice we press Copy to copy the document.

The document that is created is similar to the original invoice, with the only and important difference that it is now related to the original. In the new document that we have created, we select a special cancellation element in the type of document as shown in the image below.

Once we have filled in the type of document correctly and we have ensured that the new document is correctly related, we press enter to register it.

Finally in the list of documents we can now see that we have correlated and correctly registered the special cancellation item for the invoice if opening the list of documents the invoice we canceled has been shaded in green.