First of all we create a new document that we call it TABLE ORDERING or TAKE AWAY etc. Then below in the ORDER Receipt in the related documents filed we put the code of the ORDER document and check per customer (if we want to execute each order separately).

In the routing below we define the spaces e.g. Kitchen salads, kitchen food, soft drinks and in each option we define a printer (the corresponding one for each option) we also define for each option , e.g. in soft drinks will print  what is in the order document and belongs in the  subcategory soft drinks

This way, as soon as we place the order, it will send the products we have selected to the respective places to be printed and  prepared!

If we want to define the routing based on items then in the ID/Barcode we put the item code we want separated by a comma.

To route based on a document we put the document id we want separated by a comma with the difference that we prefix the character #.