You can open a report by sending information about what you want to appear, from a parameter:

  1. Reference title
  2. Reference code (no longer used)
  3. param1 (more information)
  4. param2 (more information)
  5. Date from (format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS – If empty finds the original)

    If no date is found (characters are less than 14) then if the number is negative it is days before today

    otherwise defined as follows:
    0. Always
    1. Today
    2. Yesterday
    3. Day before yesterday
    4. Current month
    5. Previous month
    6. Current year
    7. The same month last year
    8. Perisy
    9. 1st trimester
    10. 2nd trimester
    11. 3rd trimester
    12. 4th quarter
    13. 1st quarter last year
    14. Q2 last year
    15. Q3 last year
    16. Q4 last year
  6. Date to (in the format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS – If empty, defines today)

    If no date is found (characters are less than 14) then the number is days before if negative or after today if positive
  7. Empty
  8. To print automatically, to the default windows printer, and exit, “1”. To save we write the name of the file with the full path