This function is particularly useful when we have products with options like  color, size or something similar.

At the moment we issue a document ,when we have items with the same code prefix and we search for them , it turns out all the corresponding items. If we want to choose for example only items with a specific number or color, we need to adjust the custom fields.

We customize the custom fields that we use in the settings-> Inventory/Products/Services-> Custom Fields. Here we select at the custom fields that we want to appear in the filter ,from the collumn type ,the filter type.

So when looking for this kind of code ,in example 3-1-16 it brings us all kinds that start with this code. We automatically create a selector with the filters we have set.

We check what we want to see and so the results are filtered to get a better picture of that item.

The filter every time we select another id, refresh.