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To create a new type of document other than the already existed in EMDI, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the EMDI settings icon
  2. By opening the settings, go to Purchases / Sales> Documents in the left-hand column of options
  3. In Documents selection, click on the yellow padlock at the top left to unlock the creation and editing functions
  4. Press the Add button (with the + sign)
  5. A new document line is created at the bottom of the list
  6. In the Title column, write the title of the document, e.g. Invoice, Shipping Bulletin, Proof of Retail etc
  7. In the Column cashier, select which cashier should be included in the new document
  8. In the action column, select what action you want to be made when registering the document
  9. In the following columns, choose whether or not to print the document, the printer to which you want to print the document, and the print format with which the document will be printed
  10. Finalizing with the above options, click the Save (with the floppy symbol) at the top of the menu to save the changes you made
  11. The new document is now available in the Purchases / Sales of the program, in the particular cashier you registered in the previous steps