Cashier.htm form variables

The cashier.htm file is located in the EMDI root folder (eg C:\Program Files (x86)\SBZ systems\EMDI\forms\).

The display of the company’s image/brand in sales is produced by a simple page with html code. It can be easily parameterized using the following variables:

#IMG Company logo defined in settings
#DES Description of selected item
#LIT Price x Quantity of selected item
#TOT Fund total
#QRC QR code
#QRT QR code text


Form cashier_stable.htm

When this form is present then the client screen is split in 2. The top is dynamic and uses the cashier.htm form and the bottom is static with no variables and uses the cashier_stable.htm form.


They are located in the customer_display.ini file in the main EMDI folder.

description_chars Number of characters of the item description
qrtext Text displayed along with the QR code