It is possible for e-shop orders to be automatically imported from EMDI and also to be e-mailed with an attached invoice in pdf. The connection to the e-shop is based on the official API.You can download the eshop connector from here.

You are able to install the eshop connector by choosing it in the installation process.


Sync every
We specify how many seconds the update will be repeated. If we put zero it stops.
Empty shipping address
Orders are inserted into the corresponding document with the shipping place blank to be tracked by the remote version of the document which is also responsible for sending the e-mails with the document attached.
Modify old documents
If we check, the old documents are also updated, if there are modified.


Default payment ID
Payment method is the first code line of payment method
Default document ID
Document is the first code line of document
Default shipping ID
Shipping method is the first code line of shipping method

In the comment enter only the 1st part if it is separated by the symbol ‘|’.

So if the comment is as follows:

the comment will be: