In the document we choose to do something else, in the settings->Purchases/Sales->Documents we must define the relevant document that we want the process to end up with.

In this case the following is done:

  • We select 1 document in the list of documents – If we choose the same document as the relevant one, the procedure does not apply
  • Press the stick and choose what we want to convert it to->Automatically
  • After the process is completed, the original document is automatically copied
  • Finally, the sale is expected from the operator with a pre-selected relevant document (as mentioned above)

This function is especially useful when, for example, we want to cancel a retail receipt and make it an invoice with just 1 click. It is mainly needed by petrol stations which in order to issue an invoice must first cancel the receipt issued with the input output software.


In the following example when we cancel the RETAIL SALES RECEIPTS by pressing the stick and selecting SPECIAL VOID ELEMENT, after it is canceled an INVOICE – SHIPPING NOTE is automatically created and waiting for entry.