Go to Purchases/Sales of EMDI

also open up your e-shop control panel

Choose from the Filters to only see orders that are still pending

At the Documents list of  ΕΜDΙ choose the current date so you can see what orders will be imported from your e-shop

and press the ‘Refresh’ button

Open EMDI eshop connector and click  “Sync now” to start syncing

Wait untill the syncing process has been completed

(How fast it will Sync depends on the quality of your connection and the volume of Orders, this process can be done frequently)

Click on the Refresh button again and you will see all the imported Orders

at the Documents list of  EMDI choose the orders you want to issue a receipt & Voucher and click the Voucher button



Receipts and Vouchers are being issued automatically


You can see the steps at the following video: