EMDI Business Management can identify quantity or value included in product code.

The following examples are based on a product with code 2108013. When you register this product in warehouse and you want code recognition, you have to input the original code. Then in Settings->Purchases/Sales->Item ID/Barcode recognizer, set ID/barcode prefix to 21 (write it) and ID/barcode digits to 7.

  • If the code is entered as it is (2108013), then the system awaits for a scale response.
  • If the code is entered along with quantity or value data (in this example 2108013111580), then the quantity or value is automatically entered.

Code 2108013111580 consists of the base code and the value, which is in position 8 and for the next 5 digits. Value could be weight or price. 2 of those 5 digits are decimals. So the following are based on this code:

Total value of 1 piece by code


Total value from code and quantity based on item price



Quantity from code