In the warehouse and in the sales there is a possibility of mass creation and import of items – combined items. This is usually required for items of color and size.

In the settings-> buy / sell-> document line properties-> bulk import we can set:

  1. The number of characters in the field that will be used to reproduce the item code
  2. The divider between the description and the characteristics of the species
  3. Option to import items only in quantity greater than zero
  4. The price with or without VAT

To use the auto-create feature:

In the warehouse on the item tab, in the combined products / services we press the wand
In sales options-> windows-> Bulk creation & import of items
First we select the additional fields – attributes that we want to create combinations and then click “Create combinations”.

This is how all possible combinations are reproduced so that we can choose who we need by putting quantity and value.