EMDI can download orders, customers, items, update availability, etc. in multiple e-shops.

The process is:

  1. We install the corresponding bridges in each e-shop and check if everything is OK
  2. We define one of the e-shops as the main one and there we raise the bridge of multiple e-shops.
  3. We configure the bridge of multiple e-shops.
  4. We adjust the EMDI as we do with a normal bridge.

Pay attention to the following:

  1. The customer code must have a different prefix in each eshop
  2. If the items are the same among the eshops, their codes must be the same.
  3. The order number must have a different prefix in each e-shop.

In the bridge variables we want to differentiate, we define a variable that we will use for the prefix of the order number

and in action = orders in the echo that produces the order line, before $ id we add


The bridge is available in open source: