In the courier.ini file located in the EMDI main folder we define the links:

The variables:
#senderid                  Sender code
#courieruser             Login user
#courierpass            Login password
#cpuser                     User
#cppass                     Password
#voucherno              Voucher number

Calls to the Internet

EMDI calls the following links respectively:

Create shipping

courier                      Shipping company abbreviation
rec_date                   Shipping date
courieruser              User name
courierpass             Password
cpuser                      Application username
cppass                      Application password
senderid                  Sender code
rec_name                 Recipient name
rec_company          Recipient company
rec_floor                  Recipient floor
rec_address            Recipient address
rec_area                  Recipient area
rec_zip                     Recipient zip
rec_telephone        Recipient phone
rec_mobile              Recipient mobile
quantity                   Number of packages
weight                      Weight
notes                         Notes
cashondelivery       Cash on delivery price
relateddoc               Document number for which the voucher is issued
rec_country            Country
sendername            Sender name. There is also an option by right-clicking the voucher button on EMDI
action                       print in the specific movement
emdiuser                 EMDI license username
saturday                   Sunday 1 yes 0 no
exact                         Desired delivery time
special                      Special treatment
office                        Collection from store 1 yes 0 no
recipientbilling       Recipient charge 1 yes 0 no
products                  Document items, if selected by right-clicking on the voucher button in EMDI

 Open shipping

Cancel shipping

Print is taken from the link that is assigned to the respective company in the [print]


For example, the php script that receives calls from EMDI:

The script for speedex: