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First of all, a calculation of customer balances must be made. Click on Customers/Suppliers/Contacts then Options->Edit->Calculate balances.

To take inventory and transfer the rest we copy the base to a new one with a different name.

Attention! The following procedures are done in the new database (new use)!

The document we use for the inventory (in the example 120 – INVENTORY) is the same as the invoice shipping note to a cashier , if there is no inventory document I copy the invoice shipping note with code 120.

Then go to Settings->Purchases/Sales->Stock and balances. We select until when to do the calculation and press Start.

  • The Document Line Code refers to the type of document that will generate the entries for availabilities and balances. See here for the arrangements of documends
  • The Customer Code for availabilities refers to the customer, in the example Retail Customer, to whom the availabilities will be entered.
  • The Item Code for balances refers to the item, in the Receipt example, where the balances will be entered.
  • In the end, as many documents will be created for the rest as there are customers/suppliers
  • Also only 1 document will be created with the item availabilities


Finally, again a calculation of customer balances and availability of items must be made.

Click on Customers/Suppliers/Contacts then options->edit->balance calculation and then Warehouse/Products/Services, options->edit->balance calculation of stock/warehouse sales.

Attention! In versions prior to 8.2019.1.x the documents before the calculation date must be deleted with the query: