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Import voucher status from excel

Courier companies usually send an excel file with the status of orders which includes delivery date. This date can be imported in EMDI: In Settings give a name for Custom field 1: In Documents list right click and select the custom field for the column to appear: Select the document and click on the menu (at […]

Paste search for customers and items

When you have copied many lines from excel and you want to paste them with spaces in search of the warehouse or clientele click right in the search and paste field. Line change automatically becomes blank.

Import barcodes from a text file

You can massively import barcodes from a text file, by clicking on the “Edit > Import barcodes from a text file” option. The text file with the barcodes must have a .csv extension, with ANSI character encoding and a ‘|’ delimiter. Fields:


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Reset products availability

To reset the availability of products, first of all recalculate inventory availability, menu-> edit-> calculate availability/sales. Then open purchases/sales and choose a document that exports goods such as a delivery note and create a new document. Select your company as a customer and then, to massively add all products, in the first row of items, […]

How the inventory of products works

All availability is based on documents. If, for example, we want a product to have 20 pieces in our warehouse, we need to create an entry document, for example a 20 piece consignment note. We also have the ability to set it on the inventory->details tab in the availability field. If it is inactive, we […]

Set purchase price by document

When you enter a purchase receipt, the prices you have specified in its items are recorded as a purchase price. This feature is enabled in the settings by checking the “Purchase price from document” option. If the price to be set must be the final, after deduction, then check the “after discount” option. The price […]

Import combinations of related products from a text file

Υπάρχει η δυνατότητα μαζικής εισαγωγής συνδυασμών ειδών από αρχείο πατώντας Επεξεργασία->Εισαγωγή συνδυασμών ειδών από αρχείο. Το αρχείο που θα επιλεχθεί πρέπει να είναι τύπου csv με κωδικοποίση ANSI και διαχωριστικό ‘|’. Πεδία:



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Customizable button on Products/Services

Customizable button is useful when call an external programm sending data using EMDI. #SID   Product ID #PID   Purchase ID #DES   Description Pressing  the key and sending data to the website you have chosen  

if you call a program you are sending 1 field Product code ex.

Then select the correct path, settings->inventory/services/products->customizable key […]

Set Parental Products

In order to activate to set the combined products on the Inventory,click the option button->windows->Details fields and tick the Combined Prodicts/Services. Για να επιλέξουμε τα συνδυασμένα προϊόντα πατάμε προσθήκη ή διπλό κλικ στη περιγραφή για πολλαπλή επιλογή Για να βλέπεις αν ένα προϊόν είναι γονικό ή συνδυασμένο πάτα στη λίστα αποθήκης δεξί κλικ και επίλεξε […]

Custom fields

We can easily create custom fields on the settings: The “Custom field values” containing values that the customs field can take.If we dont define the values on that field,the user can import whatever he want.

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